I gave clear film leader and art supplies to a group of friends and family who had never worked with 16mm before. My only instruction: do whatever you want. Each microfilm was then paired with an excerpted song from a Free Music Archive artist, many of whom are friends and former collaborators as well.
These are the weird, wild, and wondrous results.

Pairs, by order of appearance:

Audio: File Under Toner, "The Beginning, Actually"
Visual: Elizabeth Szypulski

Audio: The Books, "Eros Vibraphone"
Visual: Nathaniel Wallace

Audio: Gurdonark, "Small Pond"
Visual: Allison Hussey

Audio: Agoostus & Henna Dress, "H.A. prjct1"
Visual: Bronwen Nemaric

Audio: Cancelled, "Caos Spuddy"
Visual: Kathleen Loeven

Audio: Chris Zabriskie, "Stories About The World That Once Was"
Visual: Maximilian Spiegel

Audio: Battery Operated Orchestra, "Night Show"
Visual: Derek Torres

Audio: Lee Rosevere, "0___0"
Visual: Kaci Torres

Audio: Johnny Ripper, "A Void"
Visual: Jeremy Lewis

Audio: Custodian of Records, "Nowhere Fast"
Visual: Julianna Villarosa